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# Android

The ever popular Android version is available for download on Google Play since the end of 2015. We've enjoyed more downloads every day since then and are very happy with the fact that you love our app so much. For that we say thank you and love you just as much! ❤️ Just click on the badge, then you will get directly to the Play Store where you can download the app!

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# iOS

Since mid-July 2018 you can finally find the iOS version on iTunes! It was a long and sometimes rocky road, but we believe it was one worth going. Now we can reach even more people and continue to accompany you in your absolutely great projects!

We look forward to welcoming you, the next generation of Wooltasia users, to our Facebook group as well! You are welcome.

See you ❤️

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Last updated: 8/24/2019, 12:22:50 PM