# Update 1.03

A few minutes ago, I finally released the next update (1.03) for the iOS beta. I have to admit, the longer I always wait to release a new version, the more inhibitions are building up in me to carry out this plan.

Every time it's a load off my mind and even this rainy afternoon now turns for the better for me.

# New features

There are already a few points in the version that you can try soon:

  • Projects can be deleted
  • Projects can be reset
  • Pixel size in the Pixelgrid can be adjusted in the settings
  • Ticking off in Pixelgrid should now work faster. Especially with fast ticking off one after another, stuttering should now happen less often
  • In the Pixelator (the screen in which the image is pixelated) at the top of the screen, the calculated total number of stitches and rows is now displayed
  • The lower area in the Pixelator has become higher, so you should see more quickly that there are more than a few colors to choose from
  • I couldn't resist adding the animations while ticking off in Pixelgrid, now it's fun again to tick off!
  • The number of columns in the project list now depends on the device type and orientation

# Features in detail

Screenshot Feature description
Project list On the project list, there is now a second tab that brings you to the settings.
Project overview In the project overview you now have the possibility to reset or delete the project. Don't worry, if you accidentally press one of the buttons, the action will not be executed immediately. You must first enter a security code. So no projects are lost accidentally anymore
Project overview dialog Only once the confirmation code has been entered can the button for deleting or resetting the project be pressed
Pixelgrid The size of the boxes can now be adjusted in the settings

Projects are created with pictures of https://www.pexels.com/

I wish you lots of fun with further testing! Feedback is still very much appreciated by me and never goes unnoticed.

your Christian

Last updated: 8/24/2019, 12:22:50 PM