# iOS beta: First feedback

Finally, we've come so far that we can soon call ourselves proud developers of a Wooltasia iOS app! For most, this means mainly:

The wait is finally over!

Well, at least almost, because for me this comes right now in the final spurt to the first release version (so version 1.0) again with many things that I have to consider.

Luckily we've had Fabi on our technical side for some weeks and we are really happy to see him on board.

And I'm beginning to have the good feeling again that something is making progress in the Wooltasia world, because for some time it was a bit quieter (at least concerning the updates for the Android app).

# Survey results

Basically you could say, we handle the iOS beta very similar to what we did on Android. Even the functionality is very similar to the former Android beta version.

(Note: Even then, project deletion was a secondary feature, so that's just how it works with the iOS version)

After all, at the end of 2015, we also designed a small Google survey to better understand our users and the first app usages.

# Positive feedback

Overall, we can enjoy a very positive result. This fact is not only highly motivating for us, but luckily also fades all the fears of the last few days. We've considered major changes to the iOS app, which we plan to bring to Android as well - if we had encountered any resistance from you, that probably would have meant taking three steps back to fiddle with certain screens again.

Thank God that was not the case, and it's a load off my mind.

# Good constructive criticisms

There were (as might be expected) very good and legitimate criticisms. In the last few days I was able to devote some of my time to the following changes that have already been made for the next update:

  • German language was of course added (English is mainly the language in which I develop)
  • Project progress can be reset, this requires a 4-digit code entry to confirm the action
  • Projects can be deleted, there is also a confirmation with a 4-digit code necessary
  • Number of columns in the project list now depends on device and orientation
  • The displayed size of the boxes in the pixel grid can be adjusted in the settings.

There are some features that exist on Android and apparently not on iOS. These will naturally also be added on iOS and also the wish list in our Facebook group has not been forgotten, so I'll only respond to the points that affect both Android and iOS and that are not on the wish list in the group:

  • The stich sample or format input is unfortunately also a difficult topic for Android, and it's not easy to convey to every user comprehensibly what it's about. The long-term plan will be to integrate a little instruction or tutorial into the apps.
  • The number of stitches and rows for a specific format and a specific stitch sample should be integrated into the pixelization screen.
  • A few tools to better crop the image will be added. I don't think I can do it until the first release, but with one of the first release version updates guaranteed!
  • We try to improve the setting options in the Pixelator, so you can see more quickly that the palette is often scrollable.
  • Of course, shades of gray will also be selectable again, and we will also offer more palettes than just colored and black-and-white.

# Bugs und design flaws

There were / are naturally some bugs and design bumps, but it must be said that these are also not forgotten and I often agree with your stated points.

I'll be working on a lot of points step by step, but for the time being functionality has priority. With every update, some little things will be improved along the way (be sure to stay tuned!).

# Go on

The first official Developer Diary blog post has become longer than I thought. But I'm also happy to finally have an area in which I can possibly share very technical topics with the technically minded of you.

But now I have to keep going, the next iOS update is calling!

See you,
your Christian

Last updated: 8/24/2019, 12:22:50 PM