# Every year again

Now is that time again that the year is almost over and you wonder, what has actually happened this year? Sometimes I think that too little has happened and we haven't achieved anything. Therefore, it's good practice to review the year.

# Big move - Pixel

At the beginning of the year, more precisely in March, we moved. That was a good decision because we were better able to develop here as far as Wooltasia is concerned. So I managed to start selling our Pixels in April.

# Car and making plans

In June, we bought a "new" car, which got its own personal touch in July 😉 In addition, we received reinforcements in the background this summer. A good friend helps us stay on track with weekly meetings. Together, we planned milestones for the coming year.

# iOS

A very important and long overdue milestone was the iOS version of Wooltasia. In mid-July it was time, for € 6.99 you can currently buy the app regularly on itunes.

# The autumn, the autumn...

In October, we sorted ourselves out again, concerning the cones for the Pixels. It meant off to IKEA to buy cabinets. 😉

In November, we cracked the 15,000 member mark in our Facebook group. Madness, you are awesome! For this occasion there was also a small raffle. In addition, I started on our homepage with this blog.

Overall, November was quite exciting as we started to pursue a new idea that would allow us to offer even more Pixel colors for you. The first tests are running 😉

# Christmas, what was that again?!

Finally, December came, it was and is turbulent and exciting at the same time. For Android, there was a big update, because the plan is to bring iOS and Android on the same level. When rolling out, however, it turned out that some devices still had / have errors. Christian is still fixing bugs, but an end is soon in sight.

All in all, quite a lot has happened, and we are confident that next year will be just as eventful. We wish you all a happy new year and many great projects 😄

Last updated: 3/18/2020, 10:15:46 AM