# New assortment, now it will be thorough!

Four new Pixel colors have just been added to the shop. These are the colors: light blue, aqua, burgundy and jet black. I admit: I've had the colors a bit longer, but never had the time and patience to pop them up in the shop .... Shame on my head. But now they have made it. You now have these four colors in your app and can order them via the app or directly in the shop. 😉 In addition, a few days ago I added the Lisa Premium uni by the brand Gründl. As soon as Christian has corrected the current server problems, you will also have this palette in the Wooltasia app. But now you can already order the colors directly through our shop.

Currently there may be delays in shipping, depending on demand, as we are currently increasing the stock. 😃

Last updated: 8/24/2019, 12:22:50 PM