# Android update 1.1.5a

What takes long will eventually turn out good. Christian programs Wooltasia almost every day and we just let him do it. 😄 As a result, there is finally an update! I am very happy about this because the version I have now on my phone is even more fun. There are one or two bugs left that will hopefully be fixed soon.

# New and different

At first glance, when you open the app, not much has changed. Only the additional functions in the left menu are now again displayed differently and the prices have been adjusted. This means that the modes "Corner2Corner" and "Double Face" will be available in the future for € 1.99 (in Germany). Why do we do this? There is a very specific reason: Since we want to align Android and iOS, we adjust the prices to the iOS system. There are tiered pricings and for us the next tiered pricing was € 1.99.

# Pixelator

Another big innovation is the "Pixelator", the new way to create a project. It was also adapted to iOS as announced. You can now adjust the format, the stitch sample, the colors and the filter on one page by swiping through them. In addition, you have the opportunity, similar as in the old version, to rotate or "fix" the image so that you cannot rotate the image or reduce or enlarge the section.

# Color palettes

In the future, there will be for the time being the universal colors, which you know from the old version under "standard" and our Pixel color palette as a whole or grayscale.


# Project overview

Once you've completed a project, the project overview looks similar to the old one. However, there are two minor differences: To delete or reset the project, there are now extra buttons. You no longer have to choose "Delete" or "Reset" via a side menu. Furthermore, the function "Archive" was taken out completely.

# Start

To start a project you will now find the button "Start" in the upper right corner of your project overview. In addition, the handicraft technique screen has been revised and now appears in a new tile design.

handicraft technique Overview
Last updated: 11/13/2019, 11:51:19 PM